S-E-R-V-E-R operates leased servers accross three data centres with more than 2,500 m² Tier III + data centre area for a variety of applications, relying on leased infrastructure supply. The data centre has combined heat and power plants for local electricity and air conditioning and, with UPS power supply and emergency power supply systems (NEA), has additional safeguards against power failures. The data centres which S-E-R-V-E-R leases guarantees an annual availability of 99.95%.

Connections between the data centres can be switched easily and quickly via the existing Dark fibre pre-cabling. Redundancy concepts can be implemented cost-effectively by accommodating them in completely separate data centres without having to use completely different locations and carrier connections.

In addition, S-E-R-V-E-R leases servers within the world’s largest Lambertz security cell, which protects sensitive systems with sensitive data from major customers such as banks and insurance companies from external influences. Even cluster and blade systems with high energy and cooling requirements can be easily operated on the well-developed areas in the data centre.

Security in the data centers

The physical security of the data centre areas is very important to S-E-R-V-E-R. Our leases locations within the data centres are protected by a multi-level security system. This begins with the complete fencing of the site with S-wire and ends with the protection of racks and cages with an individual number code. Access to the data centres is only available to authorised customers with access control.

All relevant areas of the computer centre are equipped with a camera surveillance with corresponding archiving of the recordings. All buildings are also secured by a burglar alarm system; Alarms are reported internally as well as to 2 independent security companies via dedicated alarm lines.

Fire protection in the data center

Extensive measures for fire protection distinguish our areas. A highly sensitive fire alarm system monitors both the data centre and the office space. In addition, smoke detectors with aspiration technology are installed in the data centres and can detect a fire even earlier.

In case of fire, argon gas extinguishing systems immediately ensure gentle deletion of IT and technology. A loss of data by extinguishing water is not possible. The local fire brigade will also be informed immediately about a fire by directly connecting the fire alarm system. All RZ areas comply at least with the fire protection standard F90, areas in the Lambertz safety cell even comply with the F120 standard. For this purpose, all rooms are designed as a fire section to prevent the spread of fires.

Air conditioning in the Datacenter

Redundant air conditioning systems in the data center ensure reliable cooling of the IT systems. Redundant climatic cabinets ensure a constant temperature between 19 and 24 degrees and a controlled humidity in compliance with the ASHRAE standards for IT.

Through the use of free cooling and cold / hot separation, the air conditioning technology is highly efficient and environmentally friendly. All air conditioning is monitored around the clock via the building management system and separate monitoring systems directly in the data center. Leakage sensors and pressure monitors report leaking coolant immediately.

Fail-safe data center with its own infrastructure

An annular connection to the medium-voltage network of City Works supplies the leased data center transformer systems and ensures power supply through the grid of the energy supplier even in the event of a power failure. Should a power outage occur anyway, preheated diesel generators will be activated immediately and will re-energize the battery-backed UPS systems in each RZ area, ensuring that our customers’ infrastructures are supplied with power at all times. By owning a stock of diesel fuel and supply contracts even longer-term power outages can be mastered without interrupting the DC power supply.

All infrastructure systems such as air conditioning, power supply systems and security systems are monitored and controlled by a building management system. A second, independent system additionally checks all relevant parameters and immediately informs our technicians and service providers in the event of a fault.

The network

All data centres leased by S-E-R-V-E-R are connected by direct and redundant fibre optic connections. A large number of carriers are already represented in the data centres. Connections within and between the individual data centres are switched quickly and flexibly as part of cross-connects at transparent prices. All kinds of connections can be realised, from Cat 6 based on copper to single and multimode cabling based on fibre optics.

When connecting customers to the Internet, S-E-R-V-E-R relies on its own backbone network with direct connection to important European exchange points and carriers. Connections with bandwidths of up to 10 gigabit / s can be realised here.